Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 weeks..........

And it's back to Home Sweet Home, USA! I don't know whats to come. But I'm packed busy for the first month or so. So much left to do here (packing, etc) and SO little time. What's next? New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Dubai?? I have NO clue. Maybe it's homebound for awhile. Decesions...Decesions!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sultanas and Crust!

Today we were at the park for a picnic and I caught myself saying something my babysitter used to tell me growing up. (That's you Verla!) I remember sitting at the table and her always telling me that I had to eat my crust. No kid likes crust! (normal ones anyway) But why did I have to eat it? Because it makes your hair shiny. While we were at the park for a picnic the kids were protesting their sandwiches because usually to cut the crusts off I use cookie cuters. So no, they were not in a fun shape, AND they had crust. Then I told them if they eat their crust, it will make their hair shiny. It worked. Thanks for the long long ago childcare tips, Verla :)

Now to the sultanas. The girls were eating them, and I thought I'd have a few. I never like them unless they are in trail mix. I prefer craisins. But, after two I wanted to spit them right back out. They defenitley weren't these true California Raisins that were grown right in my "backyard" growing up:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love Music

Especially for a good cause :

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's FALL!

First things first: I am officially staying in Australia an extra month. The new nanny can't come out til about 3 weeks after my original leave date, which means I get to stay! Even though I have that extra time. I still go home sooner than I ever want to. Reason I don't just stay? I feel like I'm getting time to go home and start a career. The joys of being a grown up!

So it's been about 2 months since an update. I'm so behind on pictures everywhere. And I feel like time has slipped away. Here is for a quick update on what's been happening down under.

March 1- First day of Fall.(And no doubt it felt like it!) It went from such a beautiful day the day before, to cold, overcast, and rainy. The weather wastes no time down here! Not sure how I feel about this really. Because I now want to smell Pumpkin Spice candles, get the fall decor out, which would usually consist of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I want to smell Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies baking in the oven!'s about to be Easter. This is SO weird!

My life is as exciting as it can be looking after two and a half year old twins. I say "and a half" because something seems to change in that half a year. It's more like terrible two and a halves/threes. Although potty training is done and over with. I could not be happier! I had them done in about a week.

My brother in law was just out from Utah, for a business trip. Was fun to see him, catch up, and talk about family. Just knowing he was only around the corner, even though we were both working, was so nice!

We have neighbours next door who are from Provo, UT. Really??? Yes. It's such a small world. They have a 2 yo little boy who the girls have loved playing with.

I promise to try and be better. Next update may even be picture worthy! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 has been quite an interesting year for me, yet exciting and adventurous!

January: I was still living in Phoenix, and had been working for LifeTime Fitness. Continued my weekend hikes with the besties. Was good as can be!

February: Things had changed, and I ended up moving to Utah. Although, I LOVE LOVE LOVE AZ, it was not for the best at this time. I packed up, and one of my good friends joined me on the drive to Utah and helped me get all settled!

March: My job transfer with LifeTime went through, and off I was to join a new crew! Was the best thing I ever did.

April: I had been working at LTF for a month. Loving the "new" job. Although, not so much loving Utah. And quickly remembered why I left it, once I got stuck in a nearly a foot of snow, when it should really have been SPRING! I had started applying for nanny jobs abroad. 3 days later, was offered a job in Sydney!

May: I had missed my friends in AZ too much. Home I went, just for a getaway. Then to NYC with the nieces and nephews!

June: I started saying goodbye to friends and family near and far! Went from Utah to Idaho, to Utah, to Arizona, to California. Left my favourite team I had ever worked with. Planned and partied at my dad's 60th Birthday party. Saw realtives I hadn't seen in YEARS! And a few days later, I was on my way to Sydney.

July: First things first....I missed my absolute favourite holiday of ALL TIME! (4th of July). But had been getting settled in Sydney. Celebrated the girls 2nd Birthday.And trying to come to terms with the fact that it was WINTER in July.

August: Meeting new people. And just living it up. Nothing particular. Just a couple rugby matches!

September: Jen and Bryan (sis and bro in law) had come out for a visit. Bryan had a bussiness tip here, and his office happened to be around the corner! Spent lots of time with my sis, and showed her the place I oh so love! A day in history for Sydney. As it suffered one of it's worst Dust Storms, ever! I remember waking up to the smell of dirt, and looking outside and it was ORANGE as can be (as you see in the pics!) Weirdest and most Erry thing EVER. Was to be inside all day. As no one was meant to be out. Oh, um.......I dusted.

October: I went to New Zealand. Auckland. Had SO much fun. Went Bungy Jumping off the Auckland Bridge.(which 3 years ago you never could have paid me to do). I was so excited to do it............until I got to the edge and FREAKED out. But just did it, and now I want to do it ALL THE TIME. I loved, loved, loved it! Skydiving next? YES PLEASE!

November: Scored free tickets to a box at the Nickelback Concert (thanks Pippa!) Got all frocked up and went to the races. Then took a weekend away to Melbourne. Liked it, but defenitley prefer Sydney.

December: Beach. Boat. Pool. That's where I live, for it is SUMMER.and I LOVE it. Also went to see the Fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. SOOOOOOOOO many people. Sat for 7 hours waiting. So worth it.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and has a happy and healthy New Year!

With Love,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's True..........

I am SO behind, but and working on a rediculous update. Meaning all of 2009, BUT in a nutshell.Needless to say, my blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! While you wait, I will leave you with this. A video that on of my best friends posted, and it gave me chills. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!